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Find in Subsummary fields


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Hello everybody,


Is there a way to perform a find on the values displayed in Subsummary fields?


I tried creating a number field displaying the subsummary value, but it didn't work... Opps!


Thank you for any help!




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Is there a way to perform a find on the values displayed in Subsummary fields?

Not directly, as you have found.

Can you provide details as to what you are trying to do and maybe we can find a solution?

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Hello David,

thank you for your reply!


I am analysing genetic markers of bees.

Each bee individual has 11 genetic markers expressed by their length (e.g. 89 or 114).

For technical reasons, the analysis in the laboratory can only be made for 3 or 4 markers at once. So, in general, I have 3 runs of analysis for each bee.

Normally, there is only one value for each marker for an individual, but in about one third of the data, one individual was analysed twice for the same markers, so they have two values for one marker.


I have created summary fields (Average) for each of the 11 markers, so that I can see the full marker set by each individual.


Now, it would be cool if I could perform a find or sort by one of the marker values in the subsummary by individual.

Then I could directly compare individuals sharing the same or similar genotypes or find weird values more easily (for instance, when a marker was analysed twice for an individual but had different values each time).


Uff, it got a bit long, but I hope you understand what I mean...

Thank you for further suggestions!!!



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