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Running Total in a Sub-summary


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Hi I hope some one can help me, I'm using pro 6


I have created a monthly sales report, which is sorted by month with a page break between values and company type, and it works very well. an example below


month April

c £300

b £400

c £250


Next page


Month May

a £100

b £200

c £100


I would like to add to this report a running total by company type, but I cannot figure how to get this to work. Whatever I try just seems to provide a running toal of the whole column and not by each company type so it looks like this below. Current and YTD is what I'm looking for



Sales Currentsmiley-frown YTDsmiley-laughing

a £300 £300 £300

b £400 £700 £400

c £250 £950 £950



Sales Current YTD

a £100 £1050x £400

b £200 £1350x £600

c £100 £1450x £350


If there is any help anyone can give me on this I would be very happy





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That is difficult to do in FileMaker Pro 6. From FileMaker Pro 8, we have more options for the definition of a summary field. The new options allow for restarting the summary for each sorted group. This is what you need.


So you would need to buy and upgrade your file(s) the latest version (no upgrade available) to make this work easily. People keep asking "why should I upgrade?" - there's your reason.

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