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Value list sluggishness


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A co-worker's computer has a problem with dynamically generated value lists in solutions I've created. This is on a Mac G5 tower using FileMaker 7. When clicking on the value list, the spinning beach ball icon appears denoting that some computer processing is taking place, and one cannot work further in FileMaker, often for several minutes. These same value lists used the same way on other people's computers offer no problem. To my knowledge only this one computer in the office has this problem.


The co-worker also has a similar issue where when she's navigating around in a solution, going from one set of records to another by the use of a script to display a different set of records. Not all the related fields display right away--the old information remains. If you click on the field it will then display the new, correct contents, but this is not great.


Anyone ever experience such an issue? Any suggestions?

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a) How is your db hosted?


b) The people who are NOT getting this behavior: also on G5 computers of similar processor & RAM & etc config, also running FmPro 7? If not, can you try some other similar computers, and/or try computers more like what this user users from this physical network connection (assuming there IS a physical network connection, of course) and IP and so on? Is there a platform issue (Mac clients slower than Windows clients, Intel Mac clients faster than G5 Mac clients, etc)?


c) Other users without these symptoms have identical priv set, or does this user have a priv set that varies from that the others are using? If so, switch this user temporarilyi to priv set others are using. Any effect on problem?


d) Describe your value list. By "dynamic" I assume it uses field values not custom value list values, but aside from that: related or "all records"? Records from table in same file or different file, and if the latter on same server or elsewhere? If related records, what's the relationship def? How many values are in value list? How many records are being used to draw the value list?

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It is worth checking your file references to ensure that they are all referenced in the same way - i.e all network references or all file references (but not both)





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