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the 25 record limit (IWP/list view)


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Hi guys,


I'm learning the FMP by working on a database that's solely going to be used using IWP.


The question is about the 25 record limit when viewing search results in list mode.


Is there any other way to hop between a range of records (1-25/26-50/51-...), other than opening the status area panel and flipping the pages of the book:




perhaps scripting a NEXT (previous) 25 RECORDS button? Which I haven't been able to accomplish. Only hopping from one record to the next...


Sorry for the novice question. Hope someone can help me out, though!



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Exactly as you say:


Allow User Abort [Off]

Go to Record/Request/Page [No dialog; Get ( RecordNumber ) + 25


Seems to work fine as far as getting around that specific limitation. However, you might want to keep in mind -- if you want to PRINT those sets of 25 -- that if all 25 are not on the same page/frame, the ones that are not will get dropped off.



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Thanks, DW, it's so simple it's beautiful!


So just to spell this out for myself, if there were to be, say, max. 100 records in the list, one could either make four buttons, one for each set


[1-25] [26-50] [51-75] [76-100]

or call them page 1 - 4


or -


to accomplish this by using just [PREVIOUS 25] and [NEXT 25] buttons I'd need to use a container field to which +25 would be added every time the next button is pressed and then run rest of the script as you wrote above, just reading also from the container? And substract when PREVIOUS'd be clicked?


Off to try this!


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I don't think you should need dedicated buttons for each set.

I have not tried using container fields for this. Our solution is used via IWP only, so the inherent limitation actually allows it to work okay.

When switching to the list-view layout, just Go To the first record, then each "next 25" press should jump to #26, #51, etc. The browser frame displays that next 25 only.

Not very elegant if you also need to allow access via FM directly, but as I say...

Good luck.


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