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OS X 10.4.11 bug fix - FMP 8.5


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Hello People, long time no post smiley-smile


Here's a bit of useful info that may help somebody at some point;


I discovered this by accident whilst upgrading a client's iMac from 10.4.9 Server to 10.4.11 Server. It had FM Pro 8.5.1 installed (running as a call logging client) and after I applied the OS update some plug-in functionality was broken. The plug-in was Troi Serial 2.5 but the problem may well occur with other plug-ins.


Faced with the prospect of a complete re-install of the OS from back-up to get it back to 10.4.9 (OS X Server does not support Archive & Install) I figured I had nothing to lose through a little experimenting. I got everything working properly again in five minutes by applying the Leopard compatibility 8.5.2 FM Pro update. Seems like there may be benefits to be had from 8.5.2 in other OS versions than just 10.5 onwards.

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