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Weekly order form


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Every week we need to place an order.

The information for this order is placed in FMP in a spreadsheet type layout that is very specific to the corresponding website

We need to export the orders from only this week and not the week before or any other order thats already been placed

Is this a week-7 problem?

How do I automatically create a new summary of records for each week?

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Exporting records only exports the found set... so do a find for the Orders you want. You can enter a date range in a date field by using ... between dates:


ex. 1/21/2008...1/25/2008 would find records from last business week (assuming a mmddyy date format).

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Here's a calc to make it automatic. The calc assumes you want your weeks to start on Mondays, but it can be adjusted to start on Sundays by using +1 and +7.


Let ( [

today = Get ( CurrentDate ) ;


startweek = today +2 - DayOfWeek (today) ;


endweek = today + 8 - DayOfWeek ( today) ] ;


startweek & "..." & endweek )

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