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Date and Time Error!!!

Andrew Ross

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We have FileMaker 6 and FileMaker Server installed on our Mac OSX Server. We can access it remotely from Windows XP computers but we are unable to access it from our Mac OSX computers. The error message we receive is: "The date and time formats associated with "Customer Contacts" are different than the current system settings. Do you wish to use the system settings for data entry? I then click YES or NO and get this message "The application FileMaker Pro has unexpectedly quit." blah...blah Does anyone know how to fix this?




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You emailed me about this back-channel. Did you try the procedure I suggested?:


a) Shut down FileMaker Server.


b) Open file with plain old FileMaker Pro. You should not, at this point, be a guest of anyone else when you open the file. If you still are, something's wrong.


c) If file continues to crash now after the date&time warning, it's just a coincidence that that's when the crash is hitting; file is probably not a happy file. Do you have backups? You'll need them.


ETA (not in emailed copy): Or find someone with an older copy of the OS, preferably a PowerPC Mac running MacOS 9 or MacOS X 10.3 or earlier, and try it there. FileMaker 6 was a long time ago and wonky crashing files are not best tested under FileMaker 6 on the most modern OS. Especially not an Intel Mac running Fm6 in Rosetta.


d) if, however, file opens normally, save a clone. The computer you do this on should have whatever date and time settings you wish to use. Once you've saved the clone, import your data from the old copy.

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