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I have a question about search query (OR). I’m not sure if this possible.

Let’s say I have a table T1:





Now, I would like to search through this table for anyone with

FirstName=Jhon OR LastName=Smith.

I know I can search first with FirstName=Jhon and after that, second query

with LastName=Smith. No doubt about this but is there any way to do this in

ONE shot, one query ?


thank you

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Not without a calc field to search on instead, no.


Why would you not want to do it using a second query? That's how "OR" finds are done in FileMaker.

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You’re really fast guys. Why 2 requests. Well , it’s not only to find something.

Once it’s done I have to treat the set.

With 2 requests I have to :

1) find with first parameter then treat everything

2) find with second parameter then treat everything


more scripting to do



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First Request: FirstName="john"

Second Request: LastName = "Smith"

Perform Find


one found set, not two. postprocessing of found set is NOW.


Even if what you do to your data is different for the "Johns" than for the "Smiths", you don't have to do it in two processes.

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