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Create a Report Based On User Input


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I'm very new to Filemaker so please forgive my ignorance.


I would like to create a report to show all records based on a date that a user would input.


So far my thought is to create a layout with a date field that would use the drop down date picker and a button below to fire off a script to run the report.


Now how would I pull that date out and show all the related records

with that date?



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The date field that you enter would be a global field.


You would make the button run a script that takes the value in that global field, goes into Find mode in the report layout, puts the value in the regular date field in that layout, and performs the find.



Go To Layout [ yourreportlayoutname ]

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [ yourdatefield ; gdatefield ]

--add anything else you need to find

Perform Find

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