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Conversion of 3 to 7 - 'If' function


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In Filemaker 3, Field_name=If(Value1>Value2,"Below","Above")

displayed "Below" if false and "Above" if true, plus returned a numeric value of 1 for true which could be counted. (How many times value1 was greater than value2)


Converting the database to Filemaker 7, I found the following:



displayed "Below" if false and "Above" if true but no numeric value which could be counted.


Changing this to:-


restored the counting but of course didn't display "Below" or "Above".


Any suggestions how the result obtained in version 3 might be achieved in Filemaker 7 would be greatly appreciated.

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If you just want it to display as Below or Above, go to the number formatting options in the layouts where it is displayed and set the boolean display to Above for 1 and Below for non-1.

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