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Automatic field pop up menu


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Can anyone tell me how to do the following:


I am creating a medical records database. The first Field contains all the medical tests that can be ordered (about 25). East test is associated with separate diagnoses that are contained in separate field containing Value Lists of those diagnoses that I have created. In other words, each specific test has its own set of diagnoses related to it and it alone.


The doctor has asked that when a specific "Test" is selected in the first Field (from the "Pop up Menu), that the associated "Diagnosis" Value List (formatted in another "Pop up" menu) automatically open for selection. Any suggestions. Thanks so much.


Dr. Louis Alan Zagar

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If you set your tab order so that the diagnosis value list is next in line after the 'test' field it has been my experience that the pop up menu will indeed 'pop' automaticallyafter entry is made in the 'test' field




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