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Tracking attendance


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I am trying to create attendance database. I work in healthcare where our patients are assigned to specific group therapy groups. Some patients may only participate in 1 group where others may belong to more than one group. They will never be a member of more than one group at a one time however. Some patients, in addition to group, may also participate in individual therapy, family conferences, or evaluations. Currently there are 9 groups total with an average of 6 members per group. Our office also averages 10 individual sessions per week with ten different patients. We may also do 5 evals per month as well. As an example, an average patient may enter our program on a given date for an eval. He/she may then move to a given group for 3 months. He/she may then transfer to a group for 1 year, (groups meet weekly). During this patient's tenure, he/she may see one of our counselors for weekly individual sessions.


Rather than get into a full litany of the several problems I have, I thought I would merely ask you guys how the would design such a database; e.g what tables you would develop, what layouts, how would they relate, etc. My goal is to have our counselors track the attendance and whether or not we received payment, how much, and when a patient transfered from one service to another and why.


I hope I offered enough info and that I am not asking too much.





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