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Script debugging help


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I thought I was home free with a whole module (layouts + TO group + scripts) for language selection, and suddenly a script that was working before informs me that "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table".


Ok, I understand that message, so I run Script Debugger to find out which particular target is causing the problem.


The script I am calling from my layout essentially tests that I'm not in Find mode and then runs another script, feeding it the right parameters.


When I step through the script, the warning comes up as soon as I step into the "Perform Script" step. I've checked and rechecked, and all the calculated parameters I'm feeding it are based on the TO for the current layout.


The *really* strange thing is that when I step into this Perform Script step, it seems to actually perform part of the called subscript without stepping into it.

  • What setting am I missing?





I've fixed the script, and I'm puzzled by the solution, too. The script sets a number of global fields in an unrelated table called Filters to named variables; that works fine. Finally, it sets another *global* field in Filters to "" - and that got FileMaker's goat.

  • How come?

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Can't, really, without asking permission from the author of the template it's based on.


But I did figure out what was happening to the global field - it wasn't actually a global, it was just behaving like one because it was in a one-record table. It was *named* global but I'd forgotten to set it as such...Opps!


Oh, well, maybe others can learn from my stupidity.


But I'm still puzzled that the script debugger, using the "step into" button, rushed through the first bits of the subscript. Guess I need to learn more about the debugger.

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