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Value list in a join table


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Ok, i think I am starting to get things now but I ran into a couple problems so I have a few questions.


This is what I have:


Table Volunteer

Table Interest

Table Volunteerlist


Volunteer is join to volunteerlist by volunteerID, Interest is joined to volunteerlist by interestID. I am inputting data on volunteer and set up a value list as interest::interestID and interest::interestname show only second field. That works fine. On my volunteer table I have a portal with interest::interestID and interest::interestname. When I click on interestID, I do get the name of the interest instead of the ID number then it inputs the interest name in the interestname field and the Id number in the interestID field. Which works fine.


What I would like to know is can you set up the portal so it doesn't show you the ID field put still puts it in the volunteerlist table when you click interestname?

This is what is showing up on my portal now:


Ex: Int1 recovery, I would like it to just show recovery.


Second, I tried to set it up as a checkbox but that doesn't work because it only enters the first box check into my volunteerlist. Is there a way that you can have all the names listed and check which interest they are interested in and enter all of them into my volunteerlist table with the interest ID also?


I sure hope that made sense. Thanks!

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