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Export Specific Fields From a Found Set

Pensive Programmer

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My question is this:


Given a found set of records, I want to export a specific set of fields that correspond to a layout I've created. By way of example, let's say I search for all the records that relate to client Number 6. 10 records are returned. In this particular module there are fields A-Z and I want to export fields A, B and R for this found set of 10 records.


Can anyone solve this for me?


Thanks much.

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I assume you mean in a script? (Doing it manually is pretty self-explanatory)


FileMaker 6 does not let you specify within the Script Editor what fields to export. What you do is export manually FIRST, selecting the fields you want. Then create your script and when you OK your way out of it and out of the Script Editor, it saves the last export selection (Export "order" but it's not just what order to export them in, it's which fields in the first place) and embeds it in the script.


If you already have the script, then after you've manually exported, open the Script Editor, open the script, then OK it without changing anything; you will be asked whether you wish to Keep or Replace various params such as print setup, one such param being the Export order. Pick "Replace" for that one.

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Many thanks. That was exactly what I needed. I knew the various steps involved and couldn't figure out how to make the script save the last export order.


thanks again.

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