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Notes text field - multiple postings with time stamp


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I am trying to setup a notes section (text field) which will be used to record actions at different times/dates.


How can I set that field to stamp the time/date and separate the different entries chronologically.



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Create a script:

set field(MyNotesField; ¶ & Get(CurrentTimeStamp) & MyNotesField)
Go to Field(MyNotesField)

(assuming you want the most recent note at the top).


If you want it last, change the first line to

set field(MyNotesField; MyNotesField & ¶ & Get(CurrentTimeStamp))

Either attach the script to the field as a button action, or attach it to a separate button. Click the field at the end of the timestamp and type in your new note.




Edit: add missing ")"

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Upon thinking it over, a more elegant way to do this is to have a CurrentNote field into which you type your note, and then set your MyNotesField to "Get(CurrentTimeStamp) & CurrentNote & ¶ & MyNotesField"



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