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Importing ACT flat file to FMP - then creating relational tables


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Hi all,


Newbie to FMP here - Using ACT but it is too clunky and inflexible. I am considering migrating to MS BCM - but that seems too inflexible as well but solves a fundamental problem of sharing data easily.


My initial goal is to import an ACT file (flat file -5000 contacts) to FMP. I want then to separate "like" records into new databases which I can then relate.


Is this possible? I am only fairly sophisticated with this stuff and the last thing I want to embark on is a project that will fail while taking a huge amount of my time.


Thanks for any light you can shed on my problem.



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The import steps shouldn't be too difficult. See if these instructions for one particular FM solution called SeedCode Complete can help.


Setting up the database itself in FM may be less straightforward, depending on what you're trying to achieve. There are several templates around, free and commercial, that you can play with to see whether they'll meet most of your needs. SeedCode Complete is one of them, with a very nice-looking interface but perhaps somewhat complex to figure out if you need to mod it a lot.


FileMaker also enables you to download its Creative Pro Starter Kit or other starter kits, with free templates for you to modify at will.

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