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Perform Applescript - No Fun


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I'm trying to run a simple applescript which will set cell SerialCPU to serial number of computer.


When the script runs, the FileMaker displays the following message:

"FileMaker Pro Advanced got an error: Object not found."

"Unknown Error: -10006."




Thanks for your help.

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The top part (set serial_cpu...) seems to run without compiler errors in Script Editor (although it reported " " as the result); Running just the quoted shell script part from the Terminal itself returned me a prompt and no results. That seems consistent albeit probably not the desired behavior, but it indicates that's not what's throwing your FmPro error message.


Since the AS is being executed from within FileMaker, "me" is understood to be the FileMaker app that's doing the execution, and if you do it that way you don't need to specify the file either. Try it like that:


set serial_cpu to do shell script "system_profiler SPHardwareDateType | grep Serial | tr -d 'Serial Number: '"

tell me
set cell "SerialCPU" to serial_cpu
end tell

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You can also use a calculated field to get all kinds of info from the client computer use gets:


Host IP Address

System IP Address

System NIC Address

And so on


The System NIC can be quite usefull.


Since these are Filemaker functions (8 or newer ) you don't need Applescript and they will work cross platform where AppleScript will not.

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