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Running Calculations Based on a Portal Column


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Hey guys, it seems like there must be a simple answer to this question:


I have 2 tables– Table A has records of advertisers (including fields with numbers of ad views we promised them for the length of the ad campaign), and Table B that displays records from the first table via a portal. I've rigged this table with a month and year popup menu so that the portal only shows advertisers that fall under the currently selected month and year. Works awesomely. Problem is I need to do a calculation and then a SUM to that "Number of Ad Views" column for all the advertisers that are currently being shown in the portal... and the calculation I have to do to each of those fields is directly related to the month that was chosen in the popup menu, and some other info that's on Table A. In fewer words, I'd like to be able to have a calculation field sitting in Table B that does a calculation to each field in the portal column and then sum the results. I don't think I can simply have the calculation field in Table A, because it bases some of the calculation on what month and year is chosen in the popup menu in Table B. What is there to do?

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