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Insert pdf file in a container super slow...jpg are fine...why??

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I am only referencing a file...

Filemaker program says "not responding" for about 1 min and then the file appears!! I add about 50 references a day.... it is crazy to think I have to wait 1 min each one. While other computers add it in 1 second. This only happens on some computers. I check the obvious like cables, computer locations, etc. and some of the computers are exactly the same....I have uninstalled and reinstalled acrobat....thinking this might be the issue.


This only happens with pdf files. jpg files add right away. This is driving me crazy!!

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I have finally, FINALLY stumbled across the solution to my problem I was also having with the agonizingly-slow InsertFile script step. In my case, working on a hosted database, the secret was in the External Data Source management !!

I was using two databases, one local and one remotely hosted on another machine, with the local database using the remote database as an External Data Source.

Original File Path List that allowed access to external data just fine yet caused MAJOR slowness using Insert File Script Step:


Modified File Path List that solved the problem:




I needed all three because it will be used here locally (where the FMServer is located) as well as externally by other clients using the domain name.

Now the script takes less than 1 second, as it well should, where before it was taking 20-30 seconds each time it ran, causing the spinning beach ball-of-death and lots of finger tapping while uttering vocabulary not fit for fellow workmates...

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