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[ANN] FMAgile Training in Boston 12/12/07

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IT Solutions, Inc. will be offering a one-day workshop on the FMAgile project management methodology at Apple, Inc. in Boston (111 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02199 - 5th Floor).


Jason Mundok, a certified FileMaker developer and trainer, will be leading the workshop to be held on Wednesday, December 12 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Click here to register for the class and see a course outline: http://www.itsolutions-inc.com/who_we_are/event_datesFMAgile.html


More about FMAgile can be found at http://www.fmagile.com


"Thank you for the FMagile class. Jason was an excellent instructor and the material was outstanding. The transition from waterfall development to an agile process will build stronger relationships and better solutions for our customers." - Kirk Bowman, MightyData, LLC




FMAgile is an Agile project management methodology designed specifically for a FileMaker environment. This approach to managing FileMaker development projects is based on building strong relationships with honest, open communication among all members of the development team, delivering tested, working software at various points throughout a development cycle, and staying flexible by encouraging requirements to change throughout development to deliver the most useful and efficient solutions possible. The methodology can be implemented for both in-house or client/consultant projects and accommodates development teams of all shapes and sizes.


You will learn the various roles of a development team, how team members communicate, ways to break down the project timeline into development cycles, and how to write easy-to-understand requirements and tasks. This in-depth look at the methodology will include hands-on exercises where you will practice planning a real project. Email Jason with any questions about the class: jason.mundok@itsolutions-inc.com

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