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Multiple field relation


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I´ve a question that I don't manage to solve since a week...smiley-cry


I've three tables: One for part, one for assemblage, one for explanation


In my assemblage table I've different field all showing in a drop down menu the parts from my part table


In my explanation table I´ve explain how each part shall be used.



I'll like to have infront of each field in my assemblage table a botton that will bring me to the right explaination record.


The link between part and explaination is esay (made on the id), but I don't manage the link with the assemblage field value and the exact record



thanks for your help



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Part are linked to explanation by an = relation based on the PartID. If I try this link it works perfectly.



PartID PartName

Part1 Light

Part2 Motor

Part3 Wheel

Part4 Seat


Explanation Table

ExplanationID Explanation

Part1 Text

Part2 Text

Part3 Text

Part4 Text



AssID Assmblage name AssPartID1 AssPartID2

Ass1 Car1 Part1 Part2

Ass2 Truck1 Part1 Part3


I've tried the same link between asseblage and part based on AssPartID of the assemblage. This work when I've only one part. As soon as I get more then one it doesn't - logical since i'm relating records and in my record i got two entry for one exit. For this reason I'm trying to link a field with a record.


Hope I've been clear enough

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Ok done with scripts today. I click the field i'm intersted in and through a link table relate the activfield to the instructions


If anyone as a bette answer to it, it will be welcome smiley-smile

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