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Anyone encounter corrupted custom functions?

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I'm plowing through an inherited sprawling mess of a system that's seen too many developers with a wide array of skills in too short a span. Damn thing is chock-full of custom functions, many of them cascading (CF #3 uses CF #2 as part of its formula; CF #2 uses CF #1 in it's formula).


So I open up one to see what the heck it does for a living and discover that it is defined like so:


Let ( [

input_timestamp = aBt_timestamp_to_native_timestamp ( ZNÂ¥



Yep, it just ends in mid-parenthetical. What, aside from the usual suspects as would apply to generic file corruption, should be suspected in cases where a custom function has been corrupted like this? Are CFs vulnerable, in any particular way? Should they be shied away from except where they can do heavy lifting that conventional calcs and scripts either can't do or can't do without cumbersome effort? Or is this just an anomaly, & could just as easily been some other flavor of file corruption?

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I don't believe CFs are any more vulnerable to corruption than anything else. While I haven't had any corrupt CFs myself, I think one person I talked to at DevCon had. Others had value lists get corrupt. And I've certainly seen scripts get corrupt.


FileMaker classified this type of corruption as "catalog corruption", meaning it was with the file's catalog, not within the data itself.


Unfortunately, Save a Copy (Compressed) doesn't rebuild the catalog, so this issue probably won't get fixed by using that method. Recover does rebuild the catalog, but is also very aggressive about tossing out bad blocks that it finds, so this can give you incomplete data or structure.


It would be swell if FileMaker could do selective rebuilding of the catalog, or just recover the structure or just get the data.

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