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In Need of a Designer-Consultant-Tutor in Los Angeles

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Hello all!


Check out my half-year's worth of posts to this forum to find out more about my database needs. I work as the head of post-production for an internet television network and we desperately need a database solution.


I've been struggling to design this solution for my company in my off-hours, but the truth is, I don't have many off-hours. My design is anywhere from 70-80% complete, but is lacking a few crucial areas--namely, the database has a few logical disconnects, and I also need help in the design for end-user data entry (I can't have an intimidating database). I also need help in how best to have my database accessible to 20+ users at one time.


What I'm looking for is an experienced FMPer who can assist me in knocking this out. I need someone who can also assist me in fully understanding the solution, inside and out, and someone who can follow up on any potential problems down the road.


I prefer someone local to Los Angeles, and I am willing to meet at either your work or my company's studio. I am willing to consider doing this via email with someone not local to LA, but I will be much more open to those actually in Los Angeles.


I've already wasted a month of my time with a self-described "FileMaker Expert" who in the end wasn't able to do anything for me. I think I taught him more than he taught me—and now he has my design, which I’m sure he’ll use in the future for picking up clients. Argh.


Thanks to all! I look forward to hearing from you.

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I am not in LA, but even then if you need help. I am willing. Let me know if you are interested. Regards, Tusif Ahmad

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I am a Filemaker developer located in Los Angeles (Pasadena), and I have worked with Filemaker for almost 20 years. I also have a commercial Filemaker product that I sell through my company (visit http://www.smogmaster.biz for a free download), and in the past I have been an IT Executive for Internet Media companies so I understand media formats, digital delivery, etc. I would be glad to discuss your needs with you in more detail.


I am also willing to work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement so you don't have to worry about me using the solution for my own purposes.




Randy Hogan

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I am a Certified Filemaker Pro Developer who is currently working with one of the larger FileMaker Business Aliance members. I am currently expanding my business into the Los Angeles area, in preparation for moving my family there.


In addition to over 13 years experience developing FileMaker Pro applications, I have an extensive background with supporting creative workgroups, and have over 5 years producing corporate video. Finally, I am also a Certified FileMaker Pro Trainer, and have been teaching developers and users in that capacity for over a year.


Based on your post, it would seem that initially I might be a good fit for your needs. I am currently based out of Minneapolis, and often travel for assignments. I have a lot of experience developing at a distance (one of my clients is in Alaska!), and I have the resources and experience to travel when it is necessary. Seriously, it isn't much of a problem.


I'd love to talk with you more about your project if you still have a need for a developer. You can reach me at adamparker@mac.com.


In any case, good luck!


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