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FileMaker Developer needed New York City

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We are currently using FileMaker 8 in our offices as a TimeKeeper and Expense management system. We need someone on a freelance basis to work on this pre-existing database and do:


1. Clean-up of the existing database and code.

2. Remove a few bugs that have been cropping up.

3. Add in some extra functionality.


Please send an email to ashwan@io-media.com for any further questions. Please inform of your rates etc.




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I sent you email, yesterday. But no reply.

Are you interested?


Tusif Ahmad

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Good Evening,


First let me introduce myself, I am Bruce L. Knight and have been involved in database development for the last 30 years. Having developed data projects for the military and several Law enforcement agencies, to high end retail stores. I work very close with my clients to determine what their needs are then work to bring there data alive. While doing this I strive for usability and functional interfaces. Typically I sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with my clients; as I have found most companies now days a working to imbed business logic into the design and worry about competitors getting the information. I would like to hear more about the scope of your project. But I can tell you I do have available time and I can provide you with references for my work. These included clients and FileMaker themselves. As for my rates I think you will find me to be more than affordable. I look forward to hearing from you.


Bruce L. Knight

FireSide Development Group


Phone Number provided on request.

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