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Look up field question


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I have a DB called Projects that pulls information from another called contacts. The name I pull over from contacts andother fields needed. In contacts I have a field called catagory which identifies the type of contact, customer, installer, staff and so on. I want to be able to have two seperate lookups, one that pulls the customer name for thier project and one that pulls the installers name in the same project both coming from contacts. I am using lookups up pop up list. Any thoughts?


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It's not quite clear to me what you're asking. What I understand is: your contacts table holds records for all types of business relations you work with, roughly speaking customers and people you hire to do work for you on a project. And you want to see contact data for different types in a projects record, that means view data from different contacts records in the projects record. This means you need to store the ContactID for each type you wish to view / lookup in a separate field the projects table, and make a relationship according from each of these fields to contactsID in contacts table.


But I have a couple of questions:

- You say you want to use lookups. This means the looked-up data will be fixed in the projects table once looked up. Is this really what you want? What happens when the customer e.g. moves to another location, you'll have a wrong address in your projects table.


- What about staff. Is this always one person and one only for a project or can there be more than one?


I'm thinking a join table for this could be an alternative solution. You could then view contact data in a portal in the projects table.




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Thank you for your reply. When I create a new project I am using a lookup to get the customer info. Within the same project record I want to assign an installer to the project and add the phone numbers. If I use a portal can I choose which contact (installer) like I did with the lookup from contacts?


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and add the phone numbers.


what do you mean?


If I use a portal can I choose which contact (installer) like I did with the lookup from contacts?

yes because essentially you are creating a list of contacts in a third table (ProjectsContactsJoin). You can decide to store the type there instead of in the contacts table, if roles between staff and installer may vary from project to project. then choose the type for a contact upon selecting the contact for the project, instead of when creating the contact. But you can keep storing type in Contacts. Either way you can view a portal of contacts for a project in Projects


[b]projects        ProjectsContactsJoin      Contacts[/b]

projectID ---------< projectID
                   contactID  >-------- contactID

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