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Making certain field values accessible.


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We have a database that was created by someone, in what appears to be an older version of FileMaker. I am fairly new to FileMaker, and have been given the task of editing some fields and accessibility options.


We will be publishing the database online, and have created Accounts and Privilege Settings for each account. What we would like to do, is make only certain field values from the value list available per the log in. For instance, we have multiple regions that people will be logging in from. The way that the database is setup now, anyone could enter data and create records for any region if they want to. But I want to configure it to only show Region 1 if they log in for Region 1, and nothing else.



Can someone offer some assistance? We resorted to creating another table altogether, and having only those value included, and are attempting for the users to only be able to view said field from said table if their login credentials pan out...but now that field comes up as .




Thanks for any help you give...have a great day.





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There may be a more elegant solution but this works in a demo I just tried.

1) Create a users table that has a field for the user_name and for the value list identifier, such as region.

2) Create a table for the value list that gives the value list option along with it's value list identifier ( i.e. salesman = "Bob Jones" region = "south")

3) On your main table, add a field for the username and define as a calculation using Get (username) and a field for region that is looked up based on the username.

4) Define a relationship to use the main username to lookup the region code in the user table.

5) Define relationship between the main tables region code and the value list table

6) Define a value list that looks up values from field but only show related values.

Hope that all made sense and helps somehow.

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It is entirely too early...so I will check this response out later.



What I ended up doing was making a separate table with one field: REGIONS.


1. In the value list for that field, I made all of the regions available.

2. Then I made one separate record for each region.

3. Then I defined the Value List for the entire database and pointed it to that Table.

4. Then under the Accounts and Privileges, I setup the privileges for the main table in the database limited and confined each persons creating, editing, and deleting privileges to hinge upon whether they chose the proper region or not.

5. Then, I also created privileges for the second table with the regions, and made it where the only values available to them to even view, were for the region that they were a part of, based on the individual records that were created. So, that worked, and problem solved.



But thank you much for the response. As I said, I will check it out again later. Thanks





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