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David Kachel

[ANN] Holiday Price Reduction - AutoNavigator 2.0 for FileMaker Pro — $99

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David Kachel







Salt Lake City, UT--DECEMBER 1, 2006--David Kachel/Foundation Database Systems -- publishers of AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro --Today announced special pricing of AutoNavigator for FileMaker Proâ„¢ 2.0v1, their popular developer tool for FileMaker Pro developers, through December 15th, 2006.






AutoNavigator is a tremendous time saver for FileMaker developers, amateur and professional alike.

No more hours or days spent building a tab and navigation system for your solutions. Just duplicate an existing layout, rename it and run one script... you're done!

AutoNavigator adds your layout to its built-in navigation system and displays the appropriate tab graphics and labels on every relevant layout.







* LAYOUT NAVIGATION--------------- Handles all user layout navigation automatically. One script adds any new layouts to the system.


* TAB LEVELS --------------------------- Ready to use tab navigation up to 7 levels deep; no script changes or additions ever.


* TABS ------------------------------------- Allows up to 20 tabs per level.


* HUGE NUMBER OF TABS --------- Up to 140 tabs per layout, giving developers automated control of solutions containing thousands of layouts.


* PRE & POST SCRIPTS ------------- Pre-built scripts to perform tasks before and after navigating to a new layout. Just turn them on and add your code.


* FILE -------------------------------------- Standard FMP 7 format file, no plugins or other extras required, completely open.


* SIMPLICITY ---------------------------- Just start your project(s) with a copy of AutoNavigator 2.0 instead of a blank FM file.


* TABS ------------------------------------- Pre-built tab sets, just copy, paste and trim; drag and drop substitution with your own tab graphics.


* FMP TAB OBJECT CONTROL ---- (version 8.5 or newer of FileMaker Proâ„¢); for projects in versions 7 & 8, this feature will produce errors, but can be turned off). All automatic: just name each of FileMaker's tab object panels. AutoNavigator takes over from there. No new fields or scripts to create, no calculations, nothing. It just works!


* NOT RESTRICTED ------------------ Design layouts any way you like; AutoNavigator is non-limiting... your tabs can be any graphics you prefer, and don't even have to look like tabs; or just use text without a graphic. Position tab sets anywhere, even turn them on their sides.


* NAVIGATION -------------------------- Automatic navigation. With just one script, create a navigation record for each new user layout. AutoNavigator then automatically navigates between layouts when you click a tab and displays all the correct tab graphics and tab labels.


* SCRIPTS ------------------------------- Everything is already there; you don't have to write a single line of code anywhere, or alter any buttons in any way.


* MULT-USER READY --------------- AutoNavigator remembers the last layout every user was on in every hierarchy, even when users log back in... everyone gets taken to where they were last, every time, no matter where they go in your solution.


* ADAPTABILITY ----------------------- Unlocked code lets you alter the solution any way you like, or; we will be happy build a custom version for your needs.







* Holiday Special 12/1/2006 thru 12/15/2006 .... $99 Standard Developer License (payment must be received or postmarked by December 15th, 2006)


* Standard Developer License .... $150 (regular price)

* Multiple Developer License ...... call for pricing

* Custom Programming ................ $100 / hour



Standard Developer License provides for use with an unlimited number of development projects per licensed developer.

















David Kachel

Foundation Database Systems (formerly Codemasters Workshop)

Custom Software Developers


Publishers of:


"AutoNavigator for FileMaker Proâ„¢ "

[An incredible time-saving tool for Developers -

Build tab-sets up to five levels deep,

up to ten layouts per level, 50 tabs per layout;

hundreds of layouts without writing a single line of code.

To learn more, visit our web site (below).]


"White Paper for FMP Novices" (a free download)

"Database Design for FMP" (a free download)

"Developer Storage" (a free download)

"Universal Capitalizer" (a free download)

"Universal Time Formatter" (a free download)


email: davidkachel@foundationdbs.com

web site: http://www.foundationdbs.com

ICQ: 308137637

Skype: DavidKachel

iChat: davidkachel@mac.com

Yahoo Messenger: davidkachel


Tel: (801) 566-1340

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