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Calculation Script Report


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I'm trying to develop a report for one of my solutions "Ticket Estimate Request"


I am trying to make the script create a report of how many Estimates were generated in any given month from one table.


Table is called "Ticket-Estimate".


I need to generate two different totals how ever from this report. But it all has to be on one report.


There is an RFQ # in each Request, ie: RFQ # 060001

I'd like to find out at the end of each month how many of this format I have.


The tricky part, is there is split Estimates, ie : RFQ # 060001-1, RFQ # 060001-2 and so on. I'd like the report to also generate a total for these as well.


So in the end, I'd get a report with the Customer Name, Job Name, RFQ # , preferablly in a list, and at the bottom a total for the Basic RFQ # 060001, RFQ # 060002 etc.


And then following that report, on the next portion of the same report, the same format Customer Name, Job , RFQ #...etc. Followed by the totals for the month.


Then an additional Report, that totals each months totals and gives a year end report.

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