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FileMaker Pro 7 Layout Allows Data Entry In Fields From Only One Table


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Hi all.



I am brand new to this forum, but I am very experienced in using databases. I have started to use FileMaker Pro 7 for Mac OS X, and I have unfortunately run into a limitation/problem. Here is the explanation:


I have two tables whose names are person and pictures. The person table has the fields person_id, person_fname, and person_lname. The picture table has the fields picture_id, picture_image, and person_id (foreign key to the person table).


In the layout I have created, I have included fields from both of these tables. However, in browse mode, it seems that I am able to enter data in the fields from only one table, the table that is called the current table. I need this layout to allow me to enter data in all fields, regardless of the table from which they originate.


I appreciate any help that anyone can give me.



Thanks in advance.



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How are the two tables related? I assume by person_id to person_id, but you didn't specifically say so.


When you say it "only lets you edit data in the fields from one table", which table would that be? Or do you mean you can edit data from either table but only from whatever table is the native table of the layout that you're on at the time?


Are the pictures fields in a portal when you're on the persons table layout?


By not being able to edit the other table's data (in this case pictures), do you mean existing (non-empty) field data that's visible onscreen, or do you mean it won't let you input data into pictures fields that are empty at the time?

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Hi all.



AHunter3, thanks for replying.


I actually resolved my own problem. I experimented with some settings and realized that what I needed to turn on was the feature, "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship." Once I checked that value, I was able to enter data into all the fields of my layout, regardless of the field's originating table.


Thanks for your assistance.



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