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FileMakerPro Contract Opportunity-Toronto

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My name is Trent and I'm currently looking for a FilemakerPro contractor-

$60-$65/hr, six month renewable.



Senior Programmer Analyst- Filemaker



As part of a small team designing, coding, implementing, and supporting the re-write of a system that will capture information you will be responsible for system design, programming (coding and testing system modules, scripts, and components), system implementation and configuration services


The successful candidate will be responsible for

•Creation of detailed system and program specifications for system enhancements

•Coding, testing, and implementation of forms (Layouts), programs, system modules, tables, and other automated scripts and procedures in accordance with system design specifications, system requirements, and project standards. Development will be primarily performed using FileMakerPro version 8. System creation will be done in both a Wintel and Mac environment.

•Coding, testing, and implementation of (revisions to) programs, procedures, and scripts in Visual Basic 6, Oracle (version 8i) , C#.Net, ASP.Net, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

•Preparation and maintenance of system design documentation, and other system specifications

•Providing programming and technical support to, and consulting with, other members of the project team as needed

•Providing status reporting on a minimum weekly basis as required by the Project Manager

•Performing other duties as required by the Project Manager.

•Detailed Technical Design (UML Class & Component Diagrams)

•New FileMaker Layouts, tables & procedure modules; and changes to existing FileMaker components

•New and revised Visual Basic 6 modules and Oracle (version 8i) Stored Procedures

•Implementation scripts and packages for both Wintel and Mac (Apple) environments

•Updates to and new documentation for the System Administration and Configuration Guide, Operations Guide, Backup & Recovery Guide , User Procedures

•Unit Test Plan, and Cases

•CPIC level 1 or 3 security clearance will be mandatory upon starting the contract

Programming – coding and testing – in FileMaker Pro version 8

Programming – coding and testing – in Visual Basic 6, MS Common Objects Model (COM) and DCOM

Programming PL/SQL in Oracle 8i (coding Oracle Stored Procedures and DML)

Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP Operating systems

Building and deploying applications in a Microsoft environment

Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills; verbal and written communication skills; interpersonal and negotiation skills

A team player with a track record for meeting deadlines


Please email me at thampson@bevertec.com or call me, 41-637-3486

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