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Modification Dates


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I have - a series of join files for interrelated databases (using FM



Here's the situation. One of the fields is an 'average' which averages

all the occurences that meet a certain criteria (specifically, the

person's name and the game name).


Consequently, all the occurences for that criteria have the same data

in that field.


For example, if we were playing Monopoly, and we were checking the % of

time Bob won the game, and he played 4 games and won one, then, each of

the 4 instances in the join file that show Bob PLAYING Monopoly, would

show Bob's win percentage as 25%.


OK - now, let's say Bob plays again, and loses. His new entry in the

join file shows his win percentage as 20%. And, in fact, all FIVE

entries show 20%.


However, the 'modification date' on those other entries does NOT change

to show this new calculation result...


Is there any way to track when a change, such as this, is made to a






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