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Hi all, i was thinking of making a database.


The problem i have is this database needs to be accessed by an application which can read excel.


I can export the filemaker database to excel which is fine but the database gets updated regularly, is there a way of runing the script automaticly?


Also the people updating filemaker are using instant web publishing so they do not have the full version of FM.


We are runing Filemker pro 7, server and advanced server if that helps.


Thank you...

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A quick easy solution that I made was to create a script that overwrites the source file that excel is reading from.


In my case I have UPS reading addresses, as new orders come in, UPS need to have access to those new addresses, so I just exported a csv file everytime a user adds new orders.


You could find a point in your process when you might wish to update your source file.




If your source fiel contains data is is being used at the moment, then you might want to update it using a SQL statement, instead of overwritting the whole file (which is easier)... But that just depends on what you are doing and what you consider is easier and more efficient.




You could setup Filemaker as a datasource, there is a driver called Sequlink, but I don't recomend it, I've had problems with it before.


I have FM Server also but I haven't messed with it to tell you the thruth, I don't know if there is a way to autoschedule scripts. I don't think so.


If you would like to autoschedule a script you would have to dedicate a machine to do it and build a script that exports data, pauses then loops. But I don't like that, that sound kind of stupid.

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