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Adding a personal signature to a record


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I am making an evaluation form that I want to have signature options for each record and the ability for on the spot entry. I have a tablet pc with the writing capabilities and need some help to find out if this is possible and instructions if possible to make it happen. The only example I can think of is when you have to sign for a fed ex package and they put your signature in the handheld. That is what I want to do. Please help and thanks in advance.


Cheers, Jim

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Your sig would be a bitmap image, and therefore at home in FileMaker pretty much only in a container field.


There's no native FileMaker tool for allowing direct input (e.g., pencil tool such as one finds in "paint" programs) into a container field, but there are some plug-ins that do.


Alternatively, you could populate every record with a blank white JPEG and store it as a FILE in FileMaker, and have a script that exports the file and launches it in a graphics program like GraphicConverter... hmm, would require a bit of cogitation and experimentation to automate the whole process including saving it with changes and pulling the modified copy back into FileMaker, but I wouldn't rule it out. The plug-in approach sounds easier, though.

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Thanks for your info. I gave it a try and it works but not very user friendly and fast. I will filemaker hand an option where you could enter on the spot a personal signature. If you have any ideas or other suggestions it would be great. I really need it to be written right into filemaker for authentication.


Again thanks


Cheers, Jim

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