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excel graph in filemaker


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I am trying to figure out how I could use excel in combination with filemaker to have excel graphs.


I read a thread on using DDE but I can't make it work. Also, the listing of possible commands is missing, I can't find information about it on the web.


I spend the whole afternoon on this, if someone has the answer, this would be greatly appreciated!



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I haven't heard of this "DDE", but I'll list the methods that I know to produce graphs:


1. Export the data to Excel and have Excel do the graphs

2. Export to a source file, and have Excel use that source file as a data source. This way, the graphs could be pretty much setup ahead of time, and you substitute in the current data set.

3. Build the graphs yourself using text or container calcs. This doesn't have a great deal of flexibility, but could work in some situations.

4. Use a plug-in, like xmChart. It's a bit of work to get the data into the right format for the plug-in to read, but the results are stunning and it can all happen within the FileMaker environment.

5. Use a web viewer window with an xml result source. If you know your way around xml, this might be a good option. I can't remember where I saw a sample of this, but it looked pretty good.

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