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Related data query - excuse the pun


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Hmm, second question in as many days - seems php & mysql is easier for me to understand than filemakers db structure & inner workings.


Well the question is I have a layout in which the users will be entering in various data to calculate prices but i need to bring in a value list from a related table for one part of the form - it will need to display the item name but use the item price from the table and store the itemID into the estimate form itempriceID in the related table.


Any ideas as I have read the manual and a couple of other books but it just doesnt appear as easy as it would be with php/mysql.



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Use this trick :)


Umm, that would be the use of lookups. You want a price field in your local table to look up values from a price field in a related table based on same item name (or same item ID code, etc etc)

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Oh dear, I don't think I explained that too well having read it back again. In my layout I have a value list that is generated by a related table and what I need to do is use the value of the selected item from the related table in another field for the price.

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okay I have resolved the price in another field part myself based on a selection from a value list. But, is there anyway I can do this ??


I have five fields in one table and would like to use 3 of them to create the text in a value list for use on a different layout and the ID as the hook to another field for looking up a price.



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