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Buttons in list view?


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I'm making a video library database and I have a list view which I would like to get some navigation buttons to work on, since I don't want the user to have to figure out or necessarily have access to the database controls via IWP. The problem is the list view doesn't seem to display buttons or take any queues from the layout.


So, is there a way I can get a button to display, or is there some other way of getting this done that you could suggest? Thanks!

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Do you perhaps mean Table View?


You can have headers and footers in Table View (and therefore buttons in those parts) but to do so you have to go into Layout Mode, go into the Layout Menu, Layout Setup, Views, Table, and set the Properties options to show header and/or footer. By default those parts do not show.



If you really do mean List View, I have no idea what your difficulty is, you put buttons in a List View same as you would for a Form. (Even in the body section).

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