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Show/Hide Fields on Layout


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Is there a way to hide and then show a field depending on an earlier choice from a value list ? I need to simplify the options on screen when entering data and then expand those options only for those employees that need the extra fields etc etc...


:) Please can someone show me the light at the end of a fairly dark tunnel

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Many thanks works perfectly. Changed the test to Yes/No for my purpose so that it reads a little better in this particular usage. Once again thank you for your help.

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Using the FMP Personnel Record template.. is it possible that if a person is of a certain department (Corporate) that the data in the salary field is not visible to them?

I want a person to keep up with our data entry on our personnel record but not be able to see corporate people's salary...



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I would assume that the person who belongs to Corporate department has a different PrivilegeSet than people who are not? Or is this one of the very few differences in privileges & access that differentiates someone in Corporate from someone who is in some other department?


My inclination would be to use the built-in powers of custom Privilege Sets t control who gets to see what; there are, however, ways of doing it via portals and calcs much as described in the link I provided above.

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