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Web viewer and maps


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I an new member to this site.


I am trying to find a great way to use web viewer and maps (google or mapquest or others). I am in canada, but I think it all works the same as in the US.


The link returns the big whole internet page, so it is quite difficult to do anything with the map.


I have questions like:


Is it possible to just see the map? Or is there a work around? Or a way to "almost do it?"

Is it possible to see just the itinerary text between two locations and put it in a field?


You know... we don't see just the map and directions like we want them that easily. May be someone could help me on this?





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Generally speaking: no. The built-in web viewer of FmPro 8.5 is literally a web browser embedded in a layout object. It has no more control over what shows up there than your regular web browser has over what appears in ITS window. That is, you can specify the URL and you can click on buttons and whatnot, but you can't make it return something different from what it would return to Safari.


And the rest of the FileMaker environment is ignorant and oblivious to what's taking place in the web-browser object*. That is, you can't create a calc field that consists of just some calculated portion of the current webviewer and display that.


You may be able to do some of that with 3rd party plug-ins instead of the Fm 8.5 webviewer feature. (or in addition to / conjunction with, for all I know)


* (Not vice versa: you can control the URL being loaded via FileMaker field values, $variable values, script commands, or of course by the webviewer-object's definition to begin with. But the communication is strictly one-way.).

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Thanks for your answers!


I finally found a way to get the drivings distance and map in a clean way: DON'T use the web viewer! ;) Of course, it is not a new way, but for those who had the dream of seeing it nicely in the web viewer, this may help to get back to reality. :)


I generate a string with just the two zip codes and get the driving directions to show in a separate window. I also can send this link by email, so that the person that need it can look at it or print it in their own window.


The attached file will show you how ugly this can be in the web viewer. There is some french in it. Please let me know it you need help with it!



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