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Hi all...


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We currently have a database using access for mailmerges.


Basicly what we do is open up a templete that has been setup and it will ask for a name, then from the name you have given it will populate the word fields. Is there a way of doing this in FM and how dificult is it. Thx...

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You can do it in several different ways in FileMaker.


You can compose a letter right on the layout with > mergecodes interrupting the "boilerplate" text which outputs the merged text field when you print;


You can create a calc field "consisting of strings of boilerplate text interspersed with " & fieldname & " which outputs the merged text string as a calculated field value;


You can write a script that, as a verb, SETS a field, or a $variable, to a calculated value ""consisting of strings of boilerplate text interspersed with " & fieldname & " which results in the merged text being in the target field or in the $variable.


You can have an editable text field that lets your users edit the body of the letter (or email body or whatever it is) and STICK IN "§§§" codes you choose to use, and then you have another field that Replaces or Substitutes the merge codes in the field with the merge data that they represent.


And probably a few dozen others.

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