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Error message date & time


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I keep geting this error message and don't know how to fix it.


"The date and time formats associated with "This one Nadia,fp5" are different than the current system setting. Do you wish to use the system settings for data entry? YES NO


reguardless if I select YES or NO the next time I start the db the error window comes back.


Any sugestions/



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Annoying, huh?


It means the file was created by someone whose operating system was set up to display dates differently — perhaps 25/5/2006 instead of 5/25/2006 or vice versa. Those preferences get embedded in the FileMaker file, and then when you open the file from a computer with different OS date prefs, you get the dialog.


The only bulletproof way I know of to get rid of the dialogues for once and for all is to:


a) Make an empty clone of the problematic file, from the computer you get the dialogs on.


b) Import all the records from the problematic file in the clone you just created. Don't auto-enter anything, match by fieldname, do all the tables, etc etc.


c) If the file is referenced by any other file/script/URL/shortcut/whatever, be sure to give the clone the identical name of the original file before redeploying it.

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