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Related Value Lists


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I am pretty new to FileMaker and I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to get related value lists to work right. I have read the Help topic "Example of a value list that includes only related field values" until I'm blue in the face and still can't get to work.


I have two fields, both containing value lists, "Products" and "Catagory". I want to set it up so that when I choose a value in the "Catagory" field, only certain values appear in the "Products" field instead of the whole list. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try it with two tables — one of which lists products and categories, and could consist of only those two fields (although it could certainly have more). A list view might look something like:


Kitchen Appliances*****Blenders

Kitchen Appliances*****Toasters

Kitchen Appliances*****Coffee Makers

Garden Tools**********Rakes

Garden Tools**********Shovels


Then you have your second table, which is the one in which you want to specify a category and then pick products from a value list constrained to those products in the selected category.


Let's call that table "Invoice Line Items" (i.e., pretend each record is a line item on a sales invoice or something).


You make a relationship between Invoice Line Items and Products_Categories, matching the field "Category" to the field "Category" in the other table.


Then define your value list to show field values for Products, only related values starting from Invoice Line Items.



That's not the only architecture (you can do it all in one table with a selfjoin relationship, or you could have three tables — a Categories table with a table of related child-records that would be the Products thereof — but that should give you the general idea.

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