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Has Find become more difficult


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Hi, In version 5.5 a find script was so easy. Perform Find would work every time.


I have a button that I have created to run the find script.


Now in version 8.5 the scripts I have written take me into find mode , I enter the data I want - for example, the name John in the name field, repress my find button, but it doesn't go any further.


I seem to be missing something. If I use the FM buttons. ie find, and continue it works okay.


Why doesnt a simple script like this, do what I want....


Enter Find Mode[Pause]

Perform Find[ ]


This script is then attatched to a button that I press to get into find mode, enter the search data , and then press the button again to perform the find. This is just a general search through a simple database of names.

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Try this:


If [Get(WindowMode) ≠ 1]

Enter Find Mode []


Perform Find []

End If



If you think about it, a script that enters find mode (pauses) and then performs find would not perform the find when you execute it when you're already in Find mode and have entered your Find criteria. Instead, it's going to go into Find Mode (where it's already at) and pause (where it's already paused), that's what the script says to do, yes?

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Thanks guys, I was rather hung up on how it worked in 5.5, I knew the script was stalling but I was having a mental block about it.


Now I can go fishing. smiley-smile

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