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Can Filemaker be used to do this?

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I am trying to find someone who can do the below for a client's company.


They are a metal fabrication shop and they receive metal from their suppliers.


The want a program for scanning material certification papers for a more organized and expedient way of pulling MTR's (Material Test Reports) and doing data books.


1. User friendly (idiot proof)

2. Be able to tage each MTR with Customer Name, Job # or multiple job numbers (i.e. 1637 or 1637, 1511, 1512), Material type (i.e. Angle), material size (i.e. 2x2x1/4), Material Grade (i.e. A36) and vendor name / purchase order #.

3. Be able to search by all or one of the above

4. Be able to print single MTR or multiple by job # or any combination of the above

5. All computers in office need to access program (put on server?)

6. Simple way to back up system


I thought of Filemaker when they asked, but I am not familiar with it enough to answer the above.


Can anyone help?




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scanning material certification papers


They have something called "material certification papers" and they want to scan them? Or they have some certification papers which are of the "scanning material" variety?


What does it mean to pull an MTR? What does it mean to tag an MTR? Would those phrases mean the same thing as "do a Find for an MTR record" and "enter data in the fields of an MTR record", respectively? Or are you talking about outputting a physical label ("tag") that gets affixed and/or bringing up an external digital document that got scanned and OCR'd in or something?


Any and all of the above would be doable in FileMaker, some interpretations more effortlessly than others. And the other parameters definitely are within the normal scope of FileMaker's uses.



OH, and yes I am a consultant and will take on the project if you'd like. (You may wish to solicit more than one bid of course). My email is ahunter3@earthlink.net, please put "filemaker" in the subject line to get past my aggressive spamfilters.

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