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How create ODBC setup for a FM Runtime app


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I am creating a runtime application which extracts data from a MS-Access db. The idea is to create a setup process which installs the FM app & makes the odbc setup in the Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC) of Windows to the access db. Questions:

Can it be done? If not, Is there any other way to extract the data from ms-access without odbc?


what are the possible "ways around" to this issue?


Thanks very much,




My FM ver is 6.0

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Well, you can simply export the data from Access, using a common file format like Excel or tab-delimited text or comma-separated values.


I was waiting for someone more Access-savvy than I am to chime in, but I know that much.


What you're trying to do may work also (although it sounds rather cumbersome just reading the description), I just don't know.

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