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Accessing Version 5.0 Server From 8.5


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Does anyone know of anyway to access files as a guest from Filemaker Pro 5.0 Server with version 8.5? The Filemaker people say it can not be done. Maybe someone knows of a 3rd party plugin or a work around.

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I think you're choices aren't really choices here:



1. Upgrade your FM Server 5 to v7.0.4 or later and convert your DB files t0 fp7


2. Can't think of a 2 but I'm sure someone else here will.

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Choice two is call FileMaker and tell them you have a licensed copy of 8.5 and would they give you an installation code to install FileMaker 6 based on that? (They used to do that for one version back, dunno about two versions ago).


Or buy up a full boxed copy of FileMaker 6 via eBay or obsolete software resellers.


You aren't opening any file that can be served with FileMaker Server 5.x using FileMaker 7 or 8.x though.

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