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Plugin... How do I use it!


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I know this probably sounds really basic, and I have searched all the documentation that came with the plugin, SMTPit Pro, but for the life of me cannot find any way to get my email happening.


Can anyone provide a link that really explains how to use these plugins, eg: do I create a new table with global fields and use the SET Field function via a relationship, or create one field (Container or otherwise) in the current table using all the external SMTPit functions.


Just cant get my head around how it works.


Thanks in advance

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I have not used the SMTPit Pro plugin but I do use the SMTPit plugin which is also from CNS and I have found their documentation to be top notch. Check this link out which is about installing plugins in general:




There also MAY be a PDF of the same thing on their website somewhere. My quick search didn't locate it.

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I usually use a global but I think the plug-in doesn't care what it is that you set to the External[], it's the act of setting any old thing to a command that the plug-in knows about that causes it to do its thing.


I haven't experimented with setting a variable rather than a field but that may work too.

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Thank you Ted S,

Went straight to the link and understood it completely.


Now a new problem has surfaced. As it suggested I created a test.fmp file with the text field result. Created a Set Field Script using the syntax


SMTPit_SetFrom( "me@mydomain.com" ) & "¶" &


SMTPit_SetTo( "you@yourdomain.com" ) & "¶" &


SMTPit_SetSubject( "Email from SMTPit Pro" ) & "¶" &


SMTPit_SetBody( "This is a test message from SMTPit Pro." ) & "¶" &




However, when I run this script My mail server knocked back this supposedly small email because it was unusually large. (10485760kb) (Nortons also took forever to scan it).


My results field was now has the following info


From Set to: me @mydomain.com

Added Tos:


Added to Subject: Email from SMTPit Pro

Added Content to Text Body.

Email Sent Successfully.


The only thing I did differently was when I configered SMTPit, in the Basics tab, I left the "Reply to" and "Subject" options blank.


Can you pinpoint my error

Thanks again

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