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Simultaneous Accessing of Filemaker Pro 7 database


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I am not a programmer and don't think in that way, so I don't know where this problem starts.


My office is using Filemaker Pro 7 for a student database. The original file is stored on a networked drive (as opposed to anyone's personal machine). Each office terminal can access the database.


In the past, multiple users could open and use the database simultaneously (working in different portions to prevent data loss). This is no longer possible. Is this likely to be due to a changed setting, software conflict (everyone is now using Windows XP), or Filemaker Pro 7 bug?


I deeply appreciate any help you can give me. Our campus computer department no longer supports any version of Filemaker, so I have come here to beg for help.


Many thanks,


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How is the file being served, and how is it being accessed?


A multi-user file can properly be hosted by plain-vanilla FileMaker Pro, or it can be hosted by the more robust FileMaker Server.


If more than two or three users are going into the file more often than briefly once or twice a day, it needs to be on a dedicated machine and file sharing must be turned off. That means the host machine is running either FileMaker or FileMaker server and does nothing else for a living, and that you can't see it in Network Neighborhood (PC) or mount it on anyone's Desktop (Mac); and it isn't being used as a file server or anything else, just FileMaker.


If more than a handful of users are going in regularly and doing lots of work, you really need FileMaker Server, not plain-vanilla FileMaker, to be the host. And again, it absolutely positively has to be a dedicated machine with no file sharing.


For more discussion, see this prior thread:




Anyway, the proper method of opening a shared FileMaker file is to do one of the following:


• Launch FileMaker, go to File, go to Open Remote, , pick the file from the list of files shared by the host, and open it.


• Create a launcher file


• Create a shortcut utilizing the fmp7://IP/filename.fp7 format, or otherwise execute that as an URL. (On the Mac for instance you can type the URL in a text editor like BBEdit, select & drag it to the desktop, and it makes an "inetloc" launcher file).



EDIT: &postcount removed from first URL, thanks kjoe, that'll teach me to search by post instead of by thread. The second two were actually intentional, specific instrux in those specific posts. To see the entire thread, click thread name at upper right when the window comes up.

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Allan, maybe you should remove the &postcount tags from the url, so to show the whole thread.


btw in my view computer departments who stop supporting software that is still in use should be fired without notice. :P

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