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Writing out the date


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I have a need to fill in a form with the date in this format...


on the _____ day of ___________________________, 2006


How can I script FMP 8.5 to recognize the current date (ie 9/19/06) and write it out in the format listed above?

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In Layout Mode, click the date field, go to Format, go to Date, click Custom;


In the first (empty by default) box type "on the ".


For the top row pick the number ("25")


Replace the default comma to the right of it with " day of ".


Leave the next row as the default, month name ("December")


Replace the empty box to the right of it with a comma and a space.


On the next row, pick the year (as whole year — "2003").


Make everything subseqent to that blank.



EDIT: Ermm, " day of " is too long to be accepted into the delimiter box. OK, where I told you to put " day of ", just put " day ". On the next line pick and in the box following put " of ".


Next line = Monthname ("December") and ", ".


Last and final line = year ("2003").

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You can use a calculation field with a text result:


Day ( dateField )  & 

Case ( Day ( dateField ) = 1 or Day ( dateField ) = 21 or Day ( dateField ) = 31; "st";
Day ( dateField ) = 2 or Day ( dateField ) = 22; "nd";
Day ( dateField ) = 3 or Day ( dateField ) = 33; "rd";

& " day of " & MonthName ( dateField ) & ", " & Year ( dateField )


Or if you prefer the Let structure to make it easier to read and troubleshoot:


Let (d = Day ( dateField ) ;
d  & 
Case ( d=1 or d=21 or d=31; "st"; d=2 or d=22; "nd"; d=3 or d=33; "rd";"th")
& " day of " & MonthName ( dateField ) & ", " & Year ( dateField )


Note that this returns the date in the format 21st day of September, 2006 i.e. with the appropriate st, nd, rd or th suffix on the date number.


Merge the calculation field in on the layout. :cool:

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