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FMP AppleScript Question


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I know I have seen this question somewhere...but can not find.


I have an AppleScript that will run every 120 seconds. The AppleScript primarily calls a FileMaker Script that once in a while takes longer than 60 seconds. How do I tell AppleScript to test FMP before running the do script command again? Note: I do not want adjust the amount of time until the AppleScript will run again.



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Why don't you put the Loop in a FileMaker script instead of vice versa?



Set Field [g.Time, Get(CurrentTime)]

Perform AppleScript

If [Get(CurrentTime)-g.Time

Pause [for duration {120 - (Get(CurrentTime)-g.Time)}]

End If

End Loop



Of course if you want to return control of FileMaker to the local user, I can see why you wouldn't want to do it that way, but if it's firing every 120 secs you wouldn't get much data entry or report-running done anyhow, right?

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